Tailspin Petworx offers the following services in the City of Toronto within the boundaries of: Lake Ontario in the south, Jane Street in the west, York Mills in the north and Victoria Park in the east.  If you are outside of my service area, I would be happy to refer you to another reputable and experienced trainer in your area.

Skype consults also available for distance clients.

Puppy Prep:

Where to find a puppy, pick a breed or mix and how to integrate them into your home. Choosing a good, reputable breeder or rescue and how to find a reputable dog walker.

Urban puppy program:

Introduction to dog behaviour, management and beginning training. House-training, socialization, feeding and management/prevention of problems as the puppy matures. How to choose a dog walker or daycare.

Remedial socialization and/ or dog park safety:

How to safely socialize your dog with other dogs, assessment of dog suitability for dog parks and or classes, basic dog park manners/behaviours: recall, leave it, leashing up and approach to park. Referral to reputable classes if needed.

New rescue/pet integration:

How to safely bring a new adult dog into your house. Animal rescues can sometimes have hidden fears and anxieties, and we can asses your new pet's needs while working on a game plan on how to safely join your new pet to your family and environment. 
Reactive dog/fearful dog training:

Anxiety and fear reduction. Basic manners and tools for owners. Full consult on behaviour and understanding the underlying emotional context to the behaviours.


Occasional Canine Good Neighbour classes available through Petunia and Company http://petuniaandcompany.com/


Dog body language, safety, how to use positive reinforcement and more. Contact me for information on the seminars I can lead for you. 

Day training:

For the busy home or professional.  I will come to your home and work with your dog on the behaviour program decided on in consultation. In 30-60 minute sessions I will teach the basic skills, proof them and then provide one consult a week to transfer behaviours to the dog's family.

Initial consultation: 
$175 and lasts approximately 1 -1/2 hours. In home only. Consult is mandatory for any program.

Training sessions:  $90 per hour, package of 6 - $500 / Daytraining is 5x 1 hour or 10 half hour sessions plus update consult for $500