Tailspin Petworx offers the following services in the Greater Toronto Area

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“Puppy Prep”

Where to find a puppy, pick a breed or mix and how to integrate them into your home. Choosing a good, reputable breeder or rescue and how to find a reputable dog walker. Booked as a telephone or Online Consultation (Up to 60 minutes) $100.00

"The Puppy Prep Tool Box" for pups from 8-20 weeks

Introduction to dog behaviour, management and beginning training. House-training, socialization, feeding prevention of problems as the puppy matures. How to choose a dog walker or daycare.

Learning to learn and interact with their environments safely, a way to protect your pup's temperament and to keep the world fun. Basic manners and skills as well as educating owners on good handling and training skills.

Your puppy will learn the basics of Sit, Down, Go to/Relax on Mat, Recall and Loose Leash Walking plus for the Other End of the Leash there is preventing and identifying problem behaviour, body language, park safety and advocating for your dog.

New Client Consult PLUS 6 Sessions: $800

Teenage Meltdown" for pups from 20 weeks to 2 years of age

Learning to deal with the Behaviour Changes that affect life with an adolescent dog without losing your cool! Basic Manners taken to a higher level. You will learn how to handle problematic behaviours common in the adolescent dog; such as pulling, resource guarding, and counter surfing as well as improve focus and recall in distracting environments. Management is a big part of this program.

New Client Consult PLUS 6 sessions: $800


Dog body language, Park Safety, Reactivity in Dogs, Keeping Your Rescue Dog Safe, Separation Anxiety, Puppy Basics etc. Check out www.educanine.org for details of upcoming sessions taught by Tailspin Petworx and other pet professionals in Toronto. Many of these seminars are available online and in person.
RESCUES INTERESTED IN THE SAVED AND SAFE SEMINARS: please contact info@tailspinpetworx.com to arrange for a session with your volunteers, adopters and fosters. A good way to fund raise and educate your community members.

Day training:

For the busy home or professional.  I will come to your home and work with your dog on the behaviour program decided on in consultation. In 30 to 60 minute sessions I will teach the basic skills, proof them and then provide one consult weekly or biweekly to transfer behaviours. This is a limited space and duration service.  

Initial consultation:  $200 and lasts approximately 1 -1/2 hours. In home or at the A Leg Up facility on Geary Avenue. Consult is mandatory for any program except training classes. 

Training sessions:  $110 per hour, package of 6 - $600 / Day training is basic hourly rate, based on time, 30 minutes is $55, 60 minutes is $110

Prices are subject to change and packages, group class and consult fees are due in advance. Tailspin Petworx accepts payment by e-transfer, personal cheque or cash. No credit cards accepted at this time. 

Availability is limited so please be prepared to book well in advance for non urgent situations.