You’ve booked a Consult! Now what?

To be prepared for your initial Consult, here is what you need to know.

We travel from client to client so we ask for a 15 -20 minute buffer for appointments to help if we are in traffic or run late in the previous appointment. We will text you if we are running later so you know.

The consult is 1.5 to two hours long and involves history taking and clarification, lessons for the client on body language, how dogs learn and the basics of training and management. So come prepared to learn with something to take notes on. Depending on the intricacy of the problems or training to be done there may or may not be a lot of “dog work” done but you should be prepared to jump in!

A treat bag or waist pouch for treats

A six foot leash

A harness or flat collar

A dog bed or mat (preferably flat and nonslip like a yoga mat, crate pad or bath mat)

Your dog’s favourite toy

Your dog’s favourite food toy like a bully stick or a stuffed kong

Comfortable clothes to work in

Small, yummy and high value (soft or smelly) treats for the dog. Many of them. More than you even think you may need. Then more.

A slightly hungry dog!

“All things are ready, if our mind be so.”
― William Shakespeare, Henry V

 For Aggression and Behaviour Modification Clients

The same supplies apply with the additions of :

A well fitted muzzle- The Muzzle Up Project has great fitting and conditioning advice for muzzles for your dog. Getting him used to the muzzle ahead of time reduces your dog’s stress.

A Harness and double leash (front attach and rear attach)

A Squeeze Tube filled with a squeezable wet food that is very high value to your dog

The trainer will text you when they arrive so you can make arrangements to have your dog safely managed before entry.

Baby gates or doorways for trainer safety. Your dog must be on the leash, muzzled and behind a gate when the trainer arrives.