What is Tailspin Petworx?

A chance for you to understand why your dog does things, how to help them fit into your lives and you into theirs.

A support system through learning curves and frustrations to develop a better relationship and communication with your dog.

A sense of humour. Empathy. Knowledge. All backed up with scientifically proven humane methods.


The Evolution of a Dog Nerd

Originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick,  I have loved animals my entire life. A chance at a receptionist position at a local animal hospital in Toronto was an opportunity I could not turn down. Over the years my inner dog geek blossomed. 
After 8 years I left the veterinary world to walk dogs full time. There is nothing like spending thousands of hours observing dog body language to realize that there is a whole world of communication going on and we humans are missing every cue.

Enter Cracker

Cracker was a 4 1/2 month old puppy when I adopted her from the Toronto Humane Society. It was love at first sight.

Cracker came to me with some behavioural issues, including signs of separation anxiety, fear of strange men and most other people and a huge noise phobia...just to name a few. Because of Cracker, I learned that punishment based methods don't work for fearful dogs. She wasn't thriving and I needed to switch tactics.

I learned about operant conditioning, classical conditioning, anxiety disorders, desensitization and the power of positive reinforcement. This education taught me that often, punishment based methods can make your pup's issues worse. 

Eight years later...Cracker is much different and so am I. The learning continues. Cracker still suffers from some anxieties but her overall behaviour and quality of life is much higher than it was in the beginning. The change is profound. In the meantime, many other dogs and their people were helped as well. A passion for training was born.

My beloved Cracker passed in January 2017 of acute renal failure. Her lessons remain with me.